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    Best Hoverboards In Maracaibo Near You

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    Best Hoverboards In Maracaibo Near You

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    1. Shopping Maracaibo

    53 reviews
    Shopping Maracaibo
    Possibility of Parking

    Address: local numero 6, Centro comercial La cascada, calle 47, Avenida 15K, Maracaibo 4005, Zulia, Venezuela

    Telephone: +58 412-6808798

    Guy: Electronics store

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    If you are looking for hoverboards in Maracaibo, stay at!
    We are located in the northwest of Venezuela, in the state of Zulia. We are an indispensable part of the country's oil industry, and many of our inhabitants make a living from all the employment that this industry generates for the country. Our city centre is striking, as most of the buildings we have are colonial, such as the cobblestones, or the colourful houses found on Carabobo Street, which is quite iconic.
    Whether you are coming to spend a few days or moving here, is here to help you and to try to get a better adaptation and understanding of the people. Because our team is very diverse and we have a handle on everything in our city, from activities and sports, to museums and nightlife!
    We look forward to seeing you!